Compact Fact Sheets

The following resources are designed to educate dental professionals, dental boards, and state legislators about the American Association of Dental Boards’ Dental and Dental Hygiene Licensure Compact. For additional needs, email us at

Read the Legislation

Download the complete Interstate Dental and Dental Hygienist Compact as drafted by AADB for use nationwide.

Compact Comparison

Read the analysis that led the North Carolina Dental Board to support the AADB Compact.


Compare the AADB Compact and competitive legislation in an easy-to-read side-by-side chart.

Facts for Dental Hygienists

Click to read and download information regarding how the AADB Compact meets the needs of your community.

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The Louisiana Board of Dentistry

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The Mississippi Board of Dental Examiners

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Watch the Webinar

AADB representatives participated in a webinar about compacts from the perspective of Dental Hygienists.

Missing the Mark

See how the Compact offered by the Council of State Government jeopardizes the dental profession.

Negative CSG Impacts

What would happen if the CSG Compact is accepted nationwide?

AADB Compact Basics

Understand exactly HOW the AADB Compact improves portability while protecting the public.


Download a sample template for your board or organization to announce its support.